The Three Most Popular Topics Discussed on London Escort Dates

The Three Most Popular Topics Discussed on London Escort DatesSuccessful “high class” escorts do not just rely on looks and charisma alone to attract clients. Having excellent communication skills is also a necessary attribute for the job, one that can either make or break their business.

For one thing, genuinely elite companions and escorts are not just a pretty face to look at. They strive to make their callers comfortable first by engaging them in amiable conversation and hopefully intelligent banter. Being a good conversationalist helps in this regard; it removes a lot of the awkwardness of the first meeting, and gives a chance for gentlemen who may feel a bit shy or uncomfortable, to come out of their shells.

Things To Talk About

While one’s personal life is a good starting point for most first meeting-type conversations, it’s not really that advisable for escort-client talks. Delving into topics like family and career can make the impression that both parties are willing to share these aspects of their lives to the other, when in fact this is a business relationship, albeit a very friendly one. To be safe, just stick to topics that are neutral at best, and won’t reveal much of the personal details that you are not willing to share. If you meet the model again, and get to know each other better, then more personal conversations can begin to form.

Here are three popular icebreaker topics that you can discuss on your London escort dates:


Hobbies are a great starting point for any conversation. If your companion has previously mentioned that they enjoy a particular activity (e.g. yoga, singing, cooking), let them share more details about it and listen. Maybe share your own thoughts on the subject.

Even if it’s your first meeting and you know absolutely nothing about your escort girl, asking about hobbies is a fairly innocent and safe question that can lead to interesting talks. Should you not be familiar with what they’re into, try to ask questions and be interested in what they have to tell you. Then share your hobbies to them too – tell them the kinds of activities you enjoy and the things that you are passionate about. You might have things in common, or learn about something new you can try in the future.

The hobby itself isn’t what’s important here – what really matters is that you are both able to create a sense of connection with the other that isn’t too personal and revealing, initially.

Favorite Things

This topic is so simple and uncomplicated that it might seem like a no-brainer. But some people really do forget that asking what someone’s favorite things are is a great way to start conversations. It can be anything – favorite food, places, movies, albums, colors, etc. Compare notes and see what you have in common. Go back and forth with your questions and replies and soon you’ll be able to form a more intimate picture of your companion. You might be able to see that she has a soft spot for animals, or that she likes going to exotic locales, or that she does not like spicy food, and so on. Eventually, this kind of idle conversation will evolve into more meaningful interactions and talks, and thus reduce the awkwardness or distance between the both of you.

News Stories

Just don’t delve into news subjects that are overly political in nature (i.e. those about religion and other tricky subjects should be avoided entirely). However, current events and news in your local community is fair game and is a pretty nice conversational topic. Did she know about the new bar in town that opened recently? Or the upcoming concert by a favorite local act? These kinds of topics give you a common ground upon which you can build a foundation. You can both identify with and talk about current affairs and local news. Weird and bizarre news that you found on the internet is also great fun (weird stuff like the white/gold or blue/black dress debacle from a couple of years ago) and also gives you a chance to display your lighter side.

Invest in your conversational skills. Keep up to date on current events and big city headlines. Even just a few minutes of light-hearted and friendly conversation at the beginning of a meeting can go a long way. It’ll make the encounter more fun, natural, and comfortable for both parties, and can give way to more pleasurable encounters in the future.