If you’re seeking genuinely elite ladies to meet and with whom to spend time, sourcing the right agency is key. There is always the option for meeting – more “colourful” ladies, shall we say – with whom to pass one’s time, if one is that way inclined. However maintaining a high quality lifestyle means being aware of the kind of energy you absorb. Your reasons for seeking reputable and reliable courtesan escort agencies can be numerous:


How to choose a quality match-maker and dating agency.If you’ve been dissatisfied with escort agency experiences, this article is for you.

In the aftermath of the embarrassment of friends’ setups, contacting dating agencies, braving online dating, trying singles bars and groups, dinner clubs, blind dates, speed dates, picking up strange women while shopping, clubs, offices and mediocre escort services – both agencies and independent ladies… You’ve only wasted time and money in the end.. You might now be in the market for a more reliable and guaranteed quality, value and luxury.


Calling an elite courtesan agent affords you the luxury of having someone sourcing the ideal woman, in detail, on your behalf. Unlike many general dating agencies, your perfect match will be of extreme importance, not a random selection of who might be available. By assessing your preferences in depth, we can ascertain the type of companion you’re seeking, and comb through our specialised database for a woman who will leave you sparkling.


A high quality agency will strictly recruit only the most elite courtesans to introduce to their esteemed gentlemen. Not only for her beauty, but her intelligence, articulation, fitness and warm-hearted nature. We’re expert professional matchmakers, and our refined courtesan escorts and travel companions are all accomplished, well bred individuals open to introductions to cultured gentlemen like yourself.


Rather than arranging an inappropriate GFE escort for you, (we have no fear of missed appointments..!), we’d prefer to only introduce you to those ladies with whom you are most likely to feel a rapport and connection. By sending an unsuitable model, the agency has already lost the caller, as he’ll never call again…! Through our in-depth screening process, we’ve purified our collection to include the most upscale women available in London and worldwide. We also of course uphold the same high standard of selecting ladies in our USA and Australian offices.


You’re a very busy man – And who isn’t these days?

For most successful gentlemen, time is sensitive, and wasting time for disappointments is not an option. There’s no problem with attending to and excelling in one’s chosen industry, however this leaves little time to sort through ladies for dating options. Even the particularly affluent gentleman who doesn’t officially “work” so often, is always distracted by supervising his staff and company, and trying to savour his success.


The ideal solution is to remain attentive to maintaining your professional achievements, and allow us to do the work that results in a fulfilling personal life for you.In that situation, making some leisure time for yourself is easy, and everything falls into place without too much difficulty.  Even if you have a business trip, there is always someone to greet you on arrival, or to accompany you along the way. It’s a delight to have beautiful women and  attentive courtesans efficiently arranged to meet you, at your convenience. When you find one or more women that you particularly enjoy spending time with, and wish to meet again, it becomes even easier.


You value your privacy, and don’t want your personal information or photos online.

The idea that any VIP man of any stature would upload their personal details to a random website, run by who knows what marketing company, is ludicrous. While it’s certainly a popular choice for the masses, online dating is hardly an option for a successful, high net worth or well known person. Strangers having access to his personal information, no matter how carefully vague it has been entered, makes most people of class or importance rather uncomfortable and nervous. Imagine your boss, colleague or business clients seeing an online profile on a dating site?? One’s professional reputation could be at stake.


Using a different name will not always be an appropriate cover, as while everyone is using false details and photos, one never knows with whom one is communicating! Alternatively, when you have the services of a reputable courtesan agency on your side for escort introductions, your details are kept 100% secure and private forever – ‘reputable’ being the operative word! In fact, the Mynt agency London doesn’t keep records, and if you’re a member, your details will be kept privately under a discreet username. None of your personal details will ever be shared with anyone outside the agency, under any circumstances, and confidentiality agreements are signed by each staff member and courtesan.


Your relationships and dates always end up being a waste of time or money

Sadly these days, it’s becoming more and more difficult to meet authentic people. Very often you will come across greed and narcissism, or sometimes you’re simply attracted to the wrong kind of lady. We can discuss this during your consultation if you wish. Having the assistance of a London escort matchmaker can assist you in changing bad habits. We’re very experienced, and will identify your negative and positive patterns. This allows us to match you with the most appropriate courtesan date to maximise your success.


We all know men are very visually driven, and looks do matter. It’s a given that at least 50% of the selection criteria will boil down to beauty and fitness. However as we all know, many other topics are to be considered when it comes to as woman’s worth. Any successful relationship, in business or personal life, is built on compatibility and trust. In this situation, your personal agent will be irreplaceable, doing for you what online dating simply cannot.


With online dating, computer algorithms match you with profile patterns. However we personally recommend extremely suitable ladies for you to consider meeting. We assess detailed personality traits and the backgrounds of our courtesans, and we’re rather adept at match-making – Not 100% perfect every time, but as close to it as possible! ;)


Choosing an Elite Escort AgencyYou only want to date the highest quality and not waste time

Experiencing nasty disappointments or unpleasant surprises is never ideal or fun. Often our mental image of someone doesn’t match the person we meet. Sometimes we have an impression of someone which turns out to be untrue as we get to know them. This can lead to disillusionment and exhaustion. Sadly, this is not a rare or occasional situation.. :(


As such, it can behoove you to utilize the services of an elite escort agency. A reputable, professional service will be very selective; they certainly won’t recruit any applicant who applies to be available as a companion with them. Top courtesan agencies in London and around the world will very carefully vet both their ladies and their clients, to introduce only the most high end and refined people, privately and discreetly.


When you choose Mynt Models® London, you’ll enter a secret world of amazing people, those you may never otherwise have a chance to meet. A private agency is like your personal social-life concierge, and has access to a large database of superb dating choices. You’ll have the privilege of potentially meeting some of these exquisite women and models – not by paying a hefty member fee or proving you’re a ‘high net worth’ individual, (even though you probably will be!) But by being respected for your genuine qualities as a person.


Our London City office has a wonderful range of truly beautiful, educated women on their books, waiting to enjoy elegant dates with successful, compatible gentlemen. The European and USA books are also adequately filled with stunning, yet warm-hearted ladies, seeking intelligent, interesting men with whom to enjoy vacations and business trips. A select few, but fine elite singles, the cream of the city available to meet you – why waste time on anything less? Enjoy a dynamic and unforgettable girlfriend experience with no obligation or pressure.





Asking all the London agencies a list of questions about their reputation and practices is probably going to just waste your time, as most will simply tell you whatever you want to hear. Every company will of course promote itself as ‘the best escorts in London’. The smartest idea is to get some word of mouth recommendations if you can, or contact the agency you like the look of, and use your intuition as to how suitable they’ll be for you.  How do they respond to your enquiry? Are they coherent and knowledgeable with their information? Or scattered, rough and unprofessional?  With over 20 years’ experience in elite society, our London escort company has arranged thousands of successful courtesan introductions. Our renowned escort agency management has established a reputation of quality and integrity.


We sincerely and deeply believe that aligning the right energies can result in a successful date experience for you and your selected companion. In turn, successful experiences generally lend themselves to healing, re-opening one’s heart, and boosting one’s confidence. A man who is emotionally strong, mentally whole and self possessed so he’s fearless to love is a powerfully attractive force. Finding a successful connection is then a heartbeat away.. Then we can assist you in re-building of your full, powerful self, and an introduction to an incredible woman who could change your life. :)

Contact us now and begin the next exciting chapter of your life.  All communication between us is 100% completely confidential forever.


Ladies Looking for Work?

Working with Mynt Models® as an elite companion is fun & exciting! At Mynt, our upscale talent are like family to us. You can enjoy top security, supportive female management, and the very finest of experiences – quality over quantity. Our agency is operated on mutual respect and integrity. Please apply here if you’re interested in being a part of the Mynt Family as an elite companion.

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We are delighted to introduce the most beautiful, elegant talent to refined, discerning gentlemen. Access the finest girlfriend experience at our leading high end escort service. Our elite companions will make your dinner date, social occasion or vacation an unforgettable memory. Our upscale models are available for introduction at 5 star locations worldwide, by appointment only.