Welcome to the training area of the exclusive Mynt Models® team. While we market as ‘elite escorts’, (since many refined gentlemen seeking courtesan-standard ladies do search for ‘high class escort’ or ‘elite escort’), we offer, at our core, the very essence of a high quality courtesan and travel companion.

Not the cheapened version of the word stolen in recent years to replicate prostitution, but the original sense of the word – Think Veronica Franco. An educated, high society woman, who befriended and catered to high society officials and VIPs. She was a confidante, an advisor, a therapist and more. She provided whatever was required to assist him and relax him in order to find his favor and gain his support. And she was rarely available to just anyone..!

The courtesan quality is what Mynt Models® emulates, and so whenever you see the word ‘escort’, you can comfortably substitute it for ‘elite courtesan’ :)  Her time is expensive, like any specialized and elite professional (barrister, surgeon etc) and she provides superb quality in return for her fee.

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An advanced training video is available for those seeking to enhance their courtesan skill and income potential.

Claudia xx