Grooming Tips for Your First GFE Experience

Grooming Tips for Your First GFE ExperienceSo, this is the first time that you’ve booked an elite escort companion for a GFE experience. Of course you feel nervous! You want to make a great first impression, and give your elite companion girlfriend an experience that she’ll also remember in a good light.

Personal grooming is very important when you’re on a date with an elite escort, (or any woman!), because you want to be able to give the impression that you have the social caliber and style to be able to accompany such an elegant and beautiful woman.

It all comes down to three things: your clothing, your accessories, and your personal hygiene.

1.   Personal Hygiene

    Having excellent personal hygiene is the foundation of being well-groomed. It’s not enough that you simply take a shower (but of course, this should also be a given!) You should also take a little bit more care to look and smell good. Get a haircut, and if you have facial hair, make sure that it’s tidy and presentable as well. Splash on some cologne or aftershave, but don’t use cheap products, and don’t overdo it! A ‘splash’ would be a spritz or dab on each side of your neck, on each temple, in the center of your chest, and perhaps on your cuffs. Wipe the neck-spritzes around the back of your neck and over your beard. Swipe the temple-spritzes through your hair or around your forehead. Add cologne a good hour before meeting, so it has time to ‘settle’ into your skin chemistry and smell natural.

2.   Clothing

    Depending on your GFE date setting, you should wear the right type of clothing. If you’re going for an informal date during the afternoon, wear something that’s smart-casual, like a nice pair of slacks, a polo shirt, and some loafers. If you have something classier planned, like an evening of fine dining at a high-end restaurant, then select a suit with a color that will flatter your figure. Dark-colored suits are always a good choice, and look refined. Perhaps avoid black, in case you end up looking like a waiter! Choose charcoal, navy or dark mahogany.

3.   Accessories

    It’s always a good idea to add a little bit of flash and color to your ensemble, because they bring a little life to your appearance. However you don’t want to look ‘blingy’, or like you’re trying too hard. Maybe choose a bold-colored tie to offset your suit, or perhaps a lovely designer tie clip. Silver or gold watches, and matching cufflinks are also great choices. Simple, understated looks are best, as they show your love of high quality, but you won’t look like a nouveau riche type who doesn’t know about presentation or elegance. Flash and bling are never elegant. There can be too much of a good thing! One or two simple yet high quality pieces will usually suffice.