high class escort bookings information

If you’re looking for the pricing details, please contact us for introductions and quotes. When you’re ready to make an invitation, our caring, attentive booking staff will assist you in checking the model you’d like to meet is available, and making arrangements. We’ll be delighted to discuss your needs and recommend the most suitable companion escort for you in London. We can also assist you in selecting the most appropriate restaurant or venue to bring your date for dinner.



Your companion can meet you at a pre-arranged restaurant or event*, however preferably she’ll meet you at your five star hotel for introduction, then you can go on your date without interruptions.

We’ll always do our best to accommodate your appointment, but please keep in mind we’re dealing with people, not items. Occasionally a lady is simply unavailable; In this instance, we’d kindly ask you to revise and amend your dates, or select a different companion with whom to spend your time.




The beautiful and beguiling Mynt escort models always enjoy a chance to travel out of their locale and enjoy an extended assignment with you. Whether you’re looking for the minimum hours for nearby UK travel or business, or a multi-day indulgence, we can definitely assist you. Perhaps you’re seeking a revitalizing weekend away, or a true vacation for a few weeks? Regardless of your timing, we’ll always do our best to accommodate your schedule and preferences for company. Your time will be fondly remembered.

All the Mynt companions prefer to travel by business class, (however economy can suffice for shorter flights around Europe), and all funds for travel appointments are due in advance, at least 7 days before the model is to fly. We’ll arrange her flight and send you confirmation and itinerary immediately. Please allow as much time as possible for arrangements, as flight availability can change quickly as you’re probably aware.



Please find herein information on the elite London escort models’ pricing guide. Each elite companion’s  fee is her own, and will fall into one of the below categories. Please contact us for exact quotes. Her fee will vary depending on location and extent of meeting.

An additional transport fee will apply for all outcall appointments (the only kind of appointment for which we cater). You may settle your account via major credit card (a small administration surcharge applies for credit card use), and by direct, discreet bank transfer.

The different fees refer to the model companions’ overall quality. Their sophistication and charm, their elegance, education level, intelligence, career status, life experience, charisma, beauty, fitness, allure and more are considered.

Our Platinum label companions are well above the average ‘high class escort’ available worldwide. The Diamond label companions are rather more elite and captivating in presence and in accomplishments, some of the most exceptional women we have ever met. Red Diamond models surpass all other galleries, and have exceptional career status or fame. With supermodel status (often literally!), yet so much more. Very few ladies meet this category.

Please contact us for an introduction and quote. Please allow us to offer you this currency converter with which to assess your own currency pricing (it will open a new window for your convenience) :