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Client feedback and commentsProviding high quality experiences is our priority, along with discretion. Your feedback and private comments are the most authentic way for us to improve and maintain our services. The comments we generally receive are a lovely confirmation that our standards are being reached. However blow-by-blow “reviews” are unnecessary.

Whether positive or otherwise, all feedback is welcome, and remains 100% confidential, unless we have your written consent to share it. To be honest, self-promotion or posting every positive comment or grateful thank you we receive is not really our style, nor do we have time for it. However for your peace of mind, below are listed some of the comments we’ve received in emails and phone calls. This is the typical type of feedback we frequently receive, and we still strive to maintain our highest standards consistently.


The few comments below are 100% authentic, word-for-word messages, received by our agency from clients who have booked models with us. Whilst our clientele is generally too gentlemanly to ‘kiss and tell’ in tacky reviews, these few confidential comments to us have been released by the clients, for posting anonymously here on our feedback page.


We always welcome honest, respectful opinions and polite suggestions, so please share your thoughts with us, because we genuinely care about what you think.





Some feedback received recently:


“I really had a lovely evening, and have to thank you for everything you did to make it really unforgettable” 


“I was referred to your agency by a friend, and now I can see why”


“I see your company is very careful and high class, thank you for being real”


“I have to compliment you on your continually sensational service, I consider you head and shoulders above the rest” 


“I really love and appreciate the work you do” 


“Best agency for vips, awesome time had by all!”


“Thanks for being there when I needed someone to really care” 


“Whatever you do to collect all these incredible girls in one place. keep dong it!”


“Thank you so, so much” 



“You were right, that was the perfect match. Thank you for making everything so wonderful” 



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