Sonjia Hasgrove

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Vital Statistics

Age: 24 yrs
Measurements: 34" C natural, 24", 34" (86-61-86)
Height: 5' 8" (173cm)
Weight: 51kg (112lb)


About Sonjia

When one imagines an elite companion, Sonjia is usually the image that springs to mind. Elegant, sophisticated, intelligent and very warm hearted, this beautiful lady is a darling. While she is ever so poised and polished, she is a deeply passionate young woman. She seems to absorb life into her with every breath. She loves and despises vehemently, and loves to experience everything totally.

Birthplace & Profession

With Spanish heritage, Sonjia lives between Barcelona and the Kensington area of London. With excellent education and finishing schooling, her love of travel saw her working as a flight attendant. Currently, however, she is a digital strategist and reputation manager for a large engineering company. What a fantastic job! Thankfully she is thoughtful and friendly, allowing her to assess situations from all angles, and easily find all the information she needs.


Sonjia loves being around people and enjoys her career, but her long term goals involve settling with a family and running a lovely little Devonshire tea cafe and bookstore. (That’s a window into her stable, loyal persona!). To do this, she understands saving will be imperative. Of course, she can accept help from her successful siblings or parents, but like most of our models, she likes to be independent and wants to make it on her own.

While this beautiful model is always professional and responsible, she is not above using her looks to get what she wants. Not in a disrespectful way, but certainly if she is in need of some information or assistance, turning on her famous charm will always work. She is never devious or cruel about it, but when manipulating men comes so easy, why wouldn’t she use it to her advantage? So I’m guessing she doesn’t get a lot of speeding fines.   Regardless of her playful nature in this respect, Sonjia is always gracious and abides by the universal law of Karma. She is kind and attentive, and does enjoy spending one on one time with new people, to really understand them. She finds human nature fascinating. She should have been an anthropologist.

Sonjia’s tastes tend to lean to the exotic, even from London. She enjoys exotic food, exotic fashions, and exotic destinations. It must be in her blood. Speaking of heritage, that temperamental essence will rear its head if she is pushed too far. But as she likes to quote a famous actress: “If you want to date a Latina woman, don’t complain about her attitude when you behave like an engañar!”.  We were rolling on the floor with laughter after an hour of chatting with this delightful girl. Indeed, the well known hot blooded Spanish passion runs deep in her delectable veins, so beware!  I personally think this is partly WHY men love Latina and Italian women. That hot temperament is exciting, and feels dangerous somehow.  Even when they are calm and relaxed, one can always see that passion burning deep in their eyes.


To assist her in balancing her energies and to rid herself of all that passionate energy, Sonjia enjoys running (preferably outside, early morning) and swimming. She also enjoys dancing – Salsa of course. Now that’s a sight to see. Wow. Shakirah is right, the hips don’t lie.  Aside from this expression of energy, Sonjia is generally a very well behaved, well spoken young woman, who always controls herself in public. She actually enjoys being alone with a good book sometimes. What a paradox of excitement and serenity! Reading and wanting to settle in a little cafe, vs her wild dancing and passionate energy… She is nothing if not fascinating. Definitely far from boring, Sonjia will delight you. Contact us now to arrange an amazing date with this fresh, leggy model.


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