Mischa Marek

Some Suggested Cities To Visit

Berlin, London, Munich, Paris and Zurich


Vital Statistics

Age: 25 yrs
Measurements: 32″ B natural, 23″, 33″ (81-58-84)
Height: 5′ 7″ (170cm)
Weight: 51kg (112lb)


About Mischa

Mischa is a naturally beautiful brunette angel from heaven. We’ve never met a more caring, generous and warm hearted person. She has a certain innocence about her that is so endearing. While she is far from naive, rather poised in fact, she is terribly sweet and compassionate. Mischa seems to gain pleasure from making others smile. What a sweetheart she is. With her shiny fresh-smelling hair and deep magical eyes, one could easily fall in love with her gentle, kind spirit. Having said that, she is also a free spirit, rather non-conformist in a lot of ways. While she has all the education and knowledge required, she seems to find great delight in secretly flouting society’s conventions, within reason. For example, she disregards  recommendations and likes to walk on the wrong side of the path if there is nobody coming the other way. Innocent rebellion. That should make for some interesting conversation… One gets the feeling that inside her lies a wild adventure!



Born in historic Munich, Mischa spent a lot of her youth traveling Europe with her family, and studying at exclusive boarding schools in Switzerland (Le Rosey) and England (Cheltenham Ladies College). However she is grateful for those years, and remains close to her extended family. She is a loving, loyal girl, and always tries to maintain her family ties. The eldest of four, she is a trendsetter at home, and in her own life. She enjoys pushing the envelope with fashion styles also, however she always looks extremely tasteful, and modestly presented. One thing elegant Mischa is not, is distasteful. She radiates class and understated style.



Mischa loves to meet new people; every day is a new adventure for her. One of her favorite hobbies includes shoe shopping, and she is passionate about the environment. In fact part of her university studies focused on environmental effects. She only uses natural products, recycles as much as she can, and is very aware of her carbon footprint. Good girl! She’s not obsessive though; you won’t find her preaching to you about your plastic zip-lock bag! She just likes to control her own impact. She has a thoroughly caring, patient nature, and therefore makes for a superb international travel companion. Mischa is thoughtful and observant, paying attention to detail and ensuring a smooth experience. She travels regularly for her modeling and her business concerns, and frequents Zurich, London, Paris and Frankfurt often. She’s available throughout Europe; currently her business commitments don’t allow her to visit as far as USA.



Fluently multi-lingual, Mischa is suited to almost any environment. Her deliberate and careful way of speaking in that soft feminine voice must make hearing bad news a dream! She’s just so wonderful and gorgeous, always immaculately presented, with her natural beauty glowing. That delicate sweet voice is rather enjoyable directed at you over a candlelight dinner, or in your ear on the way to dessert! It makes her quite irresistible. As an erudite and kind individual, she is tolerant, understanding and deeply engaged when she is with you. A special connection indeed.



Beautiful Mischa is a friendly, cheerful kind of girl. She’s also calm, intelligent and curious. Her positive, friendly attitude means she enjoys social interaction, so it stands to reason that she enjoys outdoor activities. Roller blading, walking, skiing, equestrian sports, team sports – anything where she can get fresh air and space appeals to her. She enjoys time alone as much as she enjoys social interaction. To be able to escape for a while and maintain her cute little physique at the same time is a double-bonus. Mischa eats carefully without being obsessive,  and is definitely in control of maintaining her fresh, gorgeous looks. She loves exotic foods (Japanese!), but keeps her intake of heavy carbs and meat to a minimum. And those eyes… You could fall into those eyes. Contact us now to arrange an exclusive appointment with the lovely Mischa.



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