Kristina Giovanni

Some Suggested Cities To Visit

Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Brussels, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Geneva, Hamburg, London, Monaco, Paris, Rome, Stuttgart and Zurich


Vital Statistics

Age: 25 yrs
Measurements: 34″ B natural, 24″, 34″ (88B, 61, 88)
Height: 5′ 7″ (169cm)
Weight: 51kg (112 lbs)


About Kristina

This beautiful nymph is a fascinating, talented companion. With a deep interest in art and all things beautiful, she is a fashion director for a prominent glamour magazine. Of Northern European heritage, her sporty looks and slender elegance are irresistible. With classical, understated style, this fun and earthy beauty brings her creative side to all aspects of her life. Always cheerful, generous, sensitive and affectionate. Kristina’s presence makes the world a little brighter. She’s absolutely  delightful company, and her observant and caring nature gives her a keen insight into making people feel very pampered. With a deep appreciation for beauty, luxury and affluence, she is always very grateful for any attentions returned to her. :)


Confident yet very feminine, Kristina is independent, yet loves her friends and family dearly. She has respect and tolerance for everyone, and has a deep appreciation for truth and honesty. She is artistic and loves all things creative – from art and literature, to photography and fashion design, food and entertainments. This is a lady whose sensual side allows her to feel and savor every experience. Textures, shadows, flavors, impressions, subtle sounds and scents – these all affect her, and allow her to impart herself into the environment also. The more beautiful and pleasant her surroundings, the more open and relaxed she becomes. Simona loves to travel and is absolutely intoxicated with wanderlust. To truly spoil her, bring her on vacation with you and she will be in her element. Her elegance and poise make her suited to any situation or occasion, and as the socialite she is, she can smoothly blend into any crowd. She’s no stranger to VIP events and red carpets, so feel free to have her accompany you discreetly anywhere.


Kristina has a very unique, classic style, making her discreet yet noticeable at the same time. She’s graceful and stunning, yet has that charisma that upscale women have, which draws people into her magnetic presence. Eternally feminine, she is always dressed in a comfortable yet tasteful fashion. Style and color is important to her, and rather than follow ‘trends’, she is always presented in the most suitable and appropriate attire for her, and for the occasion. A truly stylish woman, Kristina is always discreet and modest, but will happily wear whatever style you’d like her to when you’re on your date or on vacation. She’s very accommodating and loves to see you smile.


As mentioned above, her Northern European roots have blessed her with her flawless complexion and mannerly demeanor. Multi-lingual and very open-minded, Kristina is also delighted to meet with couples for drinks and dinner dates. She favors classic designers like Chanel, YSL, Dior, and is very sporty and energetic. She loves outdoor activities particularly, and a good run or outdoor yoga will leave her refreshed and invigorated. She has a very close family, and considers family to be the most important things in the world; her support net. The next things closest to her heart is her country, then she favors health and fitness. After that. her passions for fashion, travel, art, people and exciting entertainments come into priority. After a brief modeling stint, Kristina found she preferred the other side of the table, and was very quickly snapped up as a fashion editor. Rising quickly to fashion director, she has cemented herself as a fixture of class and style in the fashion world. A far more stable income! Still modeling occasionally, her extremely caring and attentive nature endears her to everyone she meets, and time in her company is a truly refreshing and heart-warming experience. For those seeking a peaceful retreat from the crazy bustle of life, this beautiful angel provides a safe haven, an earthy stable ground for your stormy waters to settle for awhile.  Contact us now to arrange an unforgettable meeting with this gorgeous and talented beauty.


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