Charlotte Baehler

Some Suggested Cities To Visit

Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Frankfurt, Geneva, London, Milano, Monaco, Munich, Roma and Zurich


Vital Statistics

Age: 25 yrs
Measurements: 34" C natural, 24", 36" (84 - 61 - 88)
Height: 5' 10" (177cm)
Weight: 56kg (122lb)


About Charlotte

Accomplished and exquisitely beautiful supermodel Charlotte is a most delightful companion. With her fresh blonde beauty and flawless physique, this absolutely lovely young lady has an even more beautiful soul than her striking exterior. With a solid education and a warm, loving heat, time spent with Charlotte is rarely forgotten. I was personally captivated by her beautiful personality, and I’m hardly inexperienced. ;)  As an animal lover, Charlotte sees her own pure soul mirrored in those who share her affection for all living things. She is a natural blonde, with a perfectly flawless complexion. Apart from her array of print, advertising and runway modeling, she has also been the face of several brands. She’s multi-lingual, very authentic and loving. And completely irresistible.

Birthplace & Heritage

Born and raised in Frankfurt Germany, Charlotte has German and Persian roots. She enjoyed a very privileged upbringing. However before you write her off as a spoiled Daddy’s girl, understand that her childhood was not without its usual difficulties. I believe that one can hardly understand another’s pain until one has felt pain oneself. Charlotte has experienced enough to have developed a deep compassion for humanity. There is nobody more sympathetic and pampering to the wounded soul. :)  Charlotte was initially being groomed to manage the family’s company, but as he modeling became more successful, she finished her degree in management then continued working as model. Her elite education has given her a poise and sophistication that allows her to feel quite at home in high society settings. And her earthy, genuine nature means that there are no airs and graces beyond normal social etiquette. She is just as elegant and relaxed at a lovely picnic by a lake, as she is at a VIP event. Refined and stylish, you will be enchanted by the magic of Charlotte.


Future goals include opening a shelter for lost animals, and potentially playing some managerial role in her family’s company when her dear mother retires. Charlotte is very close with her family, and will always be geared towards taking care of them. Right now, her ambitions include building her portfolio of work in the modeling world, and eventually she’d like to have a traditional home life and family. She’s an absolutely superb date for any occasion, with her statuesque beauty, and intelligent conversation. In fact she is absolutely suited to gentlemen who enjoy a deep mental connection with interesting conversations. She has rather honed intellectual and analytical skills, and her quick wit and amusing anecdotes are fascinating. And if you just want to unwind with some mindless musings in a sun chair by the sea, then she is suitable for that too. :)  Charlotte has the gift of adapting to the occasion and is always a pleasure to spend time with.

Language & Personality

Speaking English and German, she also attempts a little Spanish ;)  She keeps fit with walking, running, Pilates and gym. While she understands that money gives one choices in life, she is not materialistic in the least. Of course, she appreciates luxury and pretty things like anyone, but her focus and motivation is not money, unlike so many today. No, this queen of hearts is more genuine than most. She is super charming and likable, and her caring nature endears her to one quickly. She easily puts people’s worries and stress to rest with her serene presence, and her feminine, elegant demeanor is delightful. Her lovely accent is alluring in English, and she has a truly beautiful smile that weakens one’s knees.

Hobbies & Leisure

Charlotte loves the outdoors, and all things art-and-literature. Her favorite cuisines center around seafood – Ceviche, Japanese, sushi etc. Otherwise she enjoys all manner of food. Like all sensual woman, she has a good appetite, and loves to indulge in the textures and flavors of any fine cuisine. This exciting young woman is a wonderful date, and whether as a travel companion or a local dinner date, Charlotte will leave an unforgettable mark. A soul tattoo, if you like.. :) Contact us now to book some time with this sensational, feminine beauty.


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