Alyssa Lecoeur

Some Suggested Cities To Visit

Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Brussels, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Geneva, Hamburg, London, Monaco, Paris, Rome, Stuttgart and Zurich


Vital Statistics

Age: 28 yrs
Measurements: 36" C natural, 25", 36" (85-61-90)
Height: 5' 6" (168cm)
Weight: 55kg (120lb)


About Alyssa

A beautiful French artist accomplished throughout Europe, the stylish and warm hearted Alyssa will touch your heart with her caring, creative nature. Coupled with her earthy presence, unpredictability and husky voice, you may find yourself delightfully out of your comfort zone. Her confident conduct is a reflection of her very carefree nature. Elegant and well traveled throughout Europe, you can almost always find her petite frame in very high heels. Very considerate of others’ feelings, and with a great sense of humor, expect an unforgettable date with this sweetheart. Delightfully irreverent and absolutely opinionated, she’s a breath of fresh air for the gentleman seeking a little adventure. Her warm, intense dark eyes and welcoming smile are mesmerizing. Multilingual, Alyssa speaks five languages and is super-fit!

Background & Personality

With an exotic French-Spanish heritage, Alyssa is smart, bright and positive, with an enchanting laugh and a mischievous look in her lovely eyes. Her love of honesty has kept her feet on the ground, despite achieving some significant success in her acting career. Sophisticated yet kind, Alyssa is non-judgmental and understanding of others. With a degree in Communications, she originally pursued her art as a hobby, and was exceptionally talented. With a love of beauty and financial stability, her polite yet approach is endearing. She respects generosity – not just in the material sense, but in love, care, friendship; She herself is a very generous soul. If you enjoy the soulful French accent and husky voice of a jazz singer, then Alyssa is your dream date. She’s quite comfortable in high society, considering the many red carpet events she attends, and public appearances she’s invited to make.


The integrity-filled, thoughtful artiste is continuing to pursue her drama studies and career. With several well publicised exhibitions under her belt, she is moving into international exhibitions at some point in the future, and given her talent, we don’t assume that is too far away! She’s very family oriented and plans to always keep her siblings and parents nearby.  And of course she plans for a lot more travel and shopping in her future. Travel is one of her great passions. Despite her fairly comfortable upbringing, she prefers to make her own way in the world, like many of our ladies.

Hobbies & Leisure

Travel, travel, travel! Alyssa loves it. She spends a lot of time running, walking, and doing cross-fit, her favorite 3-4x a week workout.  Just as well, because she loves food! It’s this sensuality that makes her so creative.  Petite with a big, warm personality, This alluring little angel is a delightful woman with a big, warm personality. Shopping is high on her list of enjoyments,  and she enjoys reading and studying. Of course we can’t leave out the cinema! Highly memorable company without a trace of ego, you’ll remember this date for some time. Contact us now to be introduced to adorable sweetheart Alyssa.


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