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United Kingdom

One of the oldest and wealthiest civilisations and countries in the world is the UK. However their class and breeding prevents them from boasting it, or rubbing it in others’ faces. (Unlike the youthful US vernacular of today’s nouveau riche society…)  Old money doesn’t display or shout their position, they just live it. Flashy is not the style of the truly wealthy, only of the nouveau riche. And when it comes to eligible women, the understated style continues. In general, good British women are very polite, well mannered and accommodating (and of course we refer to actual eligible ladies; intelligent, educated, upper-echelon women whose breeding, refinement and good conduct has been taught since birth). What are UK women and London ladies like? That’s like asking what are seashells like? There are many different types of personalities, heritage, cultures, social statuses, accents etc, all bred into the multi-cultural society that is now English and the UK. Primarily, well bred English women are refined and socially appropriate, delightfully snobbish when it comes to proper English language, and rather modest about which topics they will comfortably discuss. For example they may refer to awkward topics as ‘business’, to avoid broaching the subject directly. Embarrassment of others is high on their avoidance list; it’s just not polite. Reserved is a word often used to describe a UK lady, however they can be just as opinionated as the next woman. They just express it more politely. They are more subtle and less earthy than perhaps their Italian cousins. Some people prefer that subtlety, others prefer a very open and blunt approach – each to their own. Always understated and striving for tasteful impressions, a good British girl will be peaches-and-cream beautiful, natural, self-controlled, and extremely well groomed. She’ll be a dynamo inside a demure little rose, with a tasteful sense of humour, who will never embarrass you in public!


. London    . Dublin    .Aberdeen     .Dundee     .Glasgow     .Edinburgh      .Belfast       .Douglas       .Blackpool     .Blackburn       .York     .Leeds     .Manchester     .Liverpool     .Sheffield     .Stoke-on-Trent       .Derby     .Nottingham    .Telford     .Birmingham   .Coventry     .Peterborough    .Norwich     .Northampton     .Gloucester     .Milton Keynes     .Swansee     .Cardiff    .Oxford     .Ipswich   .Luton      .Bristol     .Slough    .Watford     .Southhampton    .Portsmouth    .Plymouth    .Bournemouth     .Brighton  

Also  .Bradford   .Kirklees    . Fife     .Wirral     .Lanarkshire     .Wakefield    .Dudley      .Wigan     .East RIding .Leicester    .Doncaster.   Plymouth    .Wolverhampton     Newcastle-Upon-Tyne    .South Gloucestershire   .Sunderland    .Aberdeenshire    .Salford    .Oldham    .Trafford    .Rotherham    .Highland    .Rochdale   .Kent (Canterbury)    .Gateshead    .North Tyneside    Middlesbrough    .North Somerset    .Chelmsford    .South Tyneside      .Isle of Wight      .Cambridgeshire    .Oxfordshire    .Stafford     .Devon    .Wiltshire    .Chester    .Bedfordshire    .Suffolk    .Cambridge      .Hertfordshire     .Salisbury    .Angus    .Sevenoaks   .Lancashire     .Ashfield    .Scarborough    .Exeter     .Dover    .North Gloucestershire    .Cheltenham


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