Mynt Models®’ adage is to treat every caller as if he is our only caller. The elite escort agency provides more than just another London millionaire dating service. Introducing you to fresh, refined companions internationally, you can be assured of premium quality.  Hire a girlfriend today to create your own special memories. 


Initially and most importantly, we furnish you with a commitment to 100% discretion and confidentiality forever. All our team sign legal non-disclosure agreements, and we give our word of honour to NEVER disclose the details of our callers, ever. How common, to cower so low as to use someone else’s trust in one, to gain limelight or income! Mynt Models® team and management would never, ever behave with such distasteful conduct. We bring high quality people together for high quality experiences – no complications, and absolute confidentiality forever.


Our typical gentlemen are not the type to crawl around through online review forums and waste time with idle gossip, so you’re unlikely to find too many ‘reviews’ floating around the internet. Mature gentlemen don’t discuss private things, nor usually have time. He would generally deal directly with the agency like an adult. In fact we discourage reviews, as it’s not really the behavior of a refined gentleman, is it? Revealing the privacy of his angel is not something a desirable Mynt client would do. And if he has any issues, he’s not likely to achieve any compensation by complaining to a bunch of strangers, as opposed to discussing it with us directly. ;)  However despite shying away from review sites, we do receive an enormous amount of feedback directly, some of which is on our feedback feature page.


The escort agency Mynt Models® was originally established in 1991, to cater for a sophisticated, selective clientele seeking genuinely high-quality company for social events. Not the common red light variety, (although there is certainly a market for that out there), but ladies of genuine refinement and breeding. The Mynt Models® companion experience is intended to be a beautiful exchange of energies, raising the vibration of both you and your model to a higher, exhilarating level.


When we discuss ‘elite escorts’ and ‘courtesans’ in London, we refer to the proper meaning of these words, before they were hijacked and often associated with less tasteful activities. Our company provides fresh, high end companions for cultured gentlemen seeking ladies who are not visible on every website he sees. The Mynt agency continues to cater for high quality, considerate gentlemen seeking introduction to elite dinner dates in major cities like London, Paris, Lyon, Marseilles, Cannes, Monaco (Monte Carlo), Munich, Berlin, Zurich, Geneva, Amsterdam, Brussels, Rome, Milan, New York, Miami, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Seattle, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Doha, Sydney, Melbourne, Hong Kong, Singapore and beyond.


High class escort featureMynt Models® remains operating in defiant response to a declining pattern in apparent “elite” escort services worldwide. While international escort agencies and companion introduction companies were clearly comfortable with increasing their prices, a majority were sadly not maintaining or increasing their standards. There’s certainly a lot more to accomplishing oneself as a luxury companion agency or professional model escort service, than just a pretty website…


We perpetuate and uphold the quality and style for which all ‘high-class escorts’ and ‘courtesans’ were once celebrated. Introducing well bred and high end women to successful and generous gentlemen. Creating a magnetic girlfriend experience and sparkling date you can both enjoy. Mynt Models® allows NO tattoos, nor irregular body piercing. All successful applicants must be genuinely fresh, warm-hearted, well educated, drug-free, authentic and extremely approachable – the absolute minimum a friendly courtesan would bring to any social rendezvous.


Golden triangle academics, natural intelligence, allure and reliability are staple requirements, along with self-respect, classic natural beauty, fitness and a warm, loving soul. We prefer ladies with a positive mindset who are new to the professional companion field. Those ladies from upper-class backgrounds are usually most suited to our callers’ requirements. The model must of course be well accustomed to privileged settings, and skilled in manners and social etiquette. Whether she provides a lovely gfe dinner date, a deeper conversational connection, or travel companionship, she must be world class.


We prefer working with companions who are either working on their university degrees, or who pursue a full time personal career, be it modelling, management, writing, acting, some professional pursuit etc. Our ideal applicant is never focused solely on her income, and is definitely not a full time traditional escort available for many brief, short-notice encounters. Requesting a sufficient fee for her time and proficiency as an accomplished courtesan, is very different to expecting the royal treatment with a ‘diva’ attitude. If money is the model’s first priority, she’s missed the point, and isn’t suited to our environment.


Elegant escort girl

We’re extremely astute in our selections.

Our expectations for tasteful, stylish presentation are exacting, and our selection process is not intended to be easy to pass. Our genuinely careful selection and instruction of potential model escorts, ensures our high standards are thoroughly maintained. With our hands-on approach, you can be reassured of superb quality, every time.


Our ideal gentleman knows exactly the level of quality a well bred, accomplished woman brings to the companion experience. He also knows this cannot be built in a brief moment. He is enticed and fascinated by the idea of an extended connection built over a proper date, or a long term girlfriend, built over many dates, with no commitments, attachments or expectations. Read more here about the ideal gentleman that the ladies appreciate meeting.


Less appealing is the gentleman who gossips online, who is lapse in his hygiene and personal safety, and who pursues ‘good deals’ as opposed to high value. This kind of person is incapable of appreciating all that our exquisite ladies have to offer.


We guarantee you will not be embarrassed or disappointed. Our international courtesan escort agency prioritizes discretion and confidentiality, security, luxury, mutual enjoyment and honest exchanges. Our billing system is one of the most confidential in the world, and our sophisticated invoicing system allows professional billing through our IT company.


We are not in business to gain the maximum amount of clients, nor to accept every caller’s booking. We carefully select our gentlemen as well as our beautiful women, to maintain the fresh ‘mynty’ concept of our company. We bring quality people together for mutually enjoyable experiences. The escorts are available for dinner dates and travel companionship. You can even organize an exclusive relationship arrangement, if you require a pseudo-official girlfriend for any reason. Literally hiring a girlfriend. :)


If we’re unable to assist you with a suitable match, we will let you know. We’ll never arrange an introduction with ‘whomever is available’, like many other agencies do. Honesty is our policy when arranging appointments, and we would prefer you to call another time and enjoy the experience you were intending to have, as opposed to tolerating a mediocre or unsatisfactory date with someone you have nothing in common with.


We like to build long-term relationships with our lovely clients, based on trust. And that requires operating with integrity, something we take very seriously. We understand that the effort an elite international escort puts into her presentation and conduct for a date, as well as her investment in herself in terms of overall quality and grooming, deserves a suitable fee for her time.


Beautiful female travel companionWe also understand that quality items bear a luxury price, and one ideally gets what one pays for… However we do not agree that cost is the main focus of any exchange.


As such, we operate under two truths. 1) Our fees are expensive, as a measure to retain our luxury escorts’ freshness and exclusivity to only the most vip clientele. The ladies are not available to just anyone who calls, nor interested in meeting hundreds of people. Yet, 2) We do not focus on an exchange of money-for-time only. We focus on a quality exchange of energies, within a mutually enjoyable experience. Payment is merely a gesture, from a well-bred, discerning gentleman to a sophisticated lady, to show his good faith and affluence.


We work hard to ensure you receive exactly the quality and luxury you expect, and nothing less. We also offer authentic photography. You can read and leave some feedback here. We look forward to discussing your needs, and being a part of your beautiful memories – maybe even introducing you to the love of your life!


Simply contact us any time for assistance, or request a callback. We can discuss your preferences at your convenience, answer any questions you have, and arrange an incredible, unforgettable introduction. Read more about our reputation here.

We are delighted to introduce refined, discerning gentlemen to the most beautiful women, and the finest girlfriend experience, at our leading high class escort dating service. Our elite companions will make your dinner date, social occasion or vacation an unforgettable memory. Our upscale models are available to visit you in your 5 star hotel,
by appointment only.

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Working with Mynt Models® as an elite companion is fun & exciting! At Mynt, our upscale talent are like family to us. You can enjoy top security, supportive female management, and the very finest of experiences – quality over quantity. Our agency is operated on mutual respect and integrity. Please apply here if you’re interested in being a part of the Mynt Family as an elite companion.

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We are delighted to introduce the most beautiful, elegant talent to refined, discerning gentlemen. Access the finest girlfriend experience at our leading high end escort service. Our elite companions will make your dinner date, social occasion or vacation an unforgettable memory. Our upscale models are available for introduction at 5 star locations worldwide, by appointment only.