Best places to go to in Edinburgh with your high class escort Edinburgh is Scotland’s capital and second most populous city. The capital is famous for its naturally beautiful landscape which they utilized to harmonize with the classical structures scattered around. It is praised for the medieval architectural style which is present in most of the edifices in the city. There are also numerous contemporary buildings in the area which still exudes the same magnificence as the other structures. One of the most amazing things in the city is that every street in the region has at least a tree or two, adding serenity to the exquisite city. Going to Edinburgh is a must-do for any travellers planning to go to Scotland, so here are some of the best destinations in the city you should make sure to add on your itinerary as you journey through Edinburgh with your high class escort.

The National Museum of Scotland

The National Museum of Scotland is a grand museum which shows various exhibits. The collection of the museum is mainly focused on science and technology, natural history, and world cultures. The structure’s façade is an eclectic mix of Venetian Renaissance, Victorian Romanesque, Revival, and Modern architectural styles.

Despite the classical style of the exterior, the interior on the other hand is made into a more modern design composed of wide glasses and geometric forms.The galleries of the museum specifically the Victorian building, contains displays showing the depicting the South Pacific, East Asia, Ancient Egypt, European art and design, science, and technology.

Edinburgh Castle

The Edinburgh Castle is one of the prominent attractions in the city of Edinburgh. It is visible on the city’s skyline and is well-preserves, making it an amazing tourist spot and a picturesque scene for the capital. The castle has various edifices present; some are well-preserved from the old times, while others are more recently made like the Scottish National War Memorial.

Today, the magnificent castle is now one of Scotland’s most popular destinations and it even contains facilities like cafes, restaurants, shops, and historical displays perfect for you and your high class escort.