Top 6 Things To Do With A Beautiful New York City Date

^ eciting things to impress your beautiful date with in NYC!There can hardly be anywhere on the planet more exciting than New York City! The city is famous for so many things, one of which is for being the setting of some of the worlds most romantic movies.

Planning a date in New York is easy as there is so much choice. You just need some ideas. A classic harbor tour would most definitely be a winner with most ladies. Or a sunset cruise on a stunning yacht is the prefect end to a hectic day! Charter a vessel and whisk your beautiful girlfriend off into the evening.

Perhaps a carriage ride through Central Park, one of the most romantic activities in NYC, is something she would enjoy. A relaxed tour of the city won’t fail to impress your date, and make her feel special and spoiled.

The Plaza Hotel in Manhattan NY is famous for being the back drop to many iconic movies, and either a stay or dinner at this stunning hotel is enough to put you in the mood for romance! Classic and historical, it is #3 on our list of wonderful ways to enjoy a city date.

You can’t think of New York without mentioning the Empire State Building, the tallest building in NYC, which is also featured in many movies. The glorious views from this building are enough to inspire many proposals and even the renewal of wedding vows. This is romance in action – in fact it is one of the most famous places where couples choose to meet, old flames choose to reunite, and first dates are impressed. :)

#5. A visit to the boathouse cafe in Central Park is the perfect place to enjoy coffee whilst overlooking the lake. Particularly in Spring and Summer, the location is delightful. A little boat trip is the ideal way to spend an afternoon with someone special.

For a more cultural experience, a visit to the Metropolitan Museum of Art is a must. This famous museum has everything from Greek and Roman sculptures to 18th century Chinese art and is quite breathtaking. Couples flock to this museum to experience the true beauty of art under one roof. Watching what your girlfriend is attracted to or how she responds to certain pieces can tell you a lot about her.

New York has everything one could imagine for any kind of romantic date. There is something to suit all refined tastes. There are countless restaurants and bars, as well as theaters and live shows. A simple walk along the streets of this city is romantic too, especially at dusk. There is so much to take in, you can never run out of “first dates” with a beautiful woman in this spectacular city.