3 Most Luxurious Experiences You Can Enjoy in Zurich

3 Most Luxurious Experiences You Can Enjoy in ZurichA stay in Switzerland with your elite escort can be enhanced by experiencing the best luxury offerings that one can find in the city, whether it’s staying in the best hotels, eating in the best restaurants, or shopping in the most luxurious boutiques.

If you want a unique and opulent stay in a Zurich hotel, make sure to book the suite at the Kameha Grand Zurich. Everything about this hotel is designed to give you a luxurious and high-end stay, and the rooms have a different theme. One of the suites in the Kameha Grand Zurich has the décor and ambiance of space travel in mind, from the spacious suite to the levitating bed, to the lighting suggesting the vastness of outer space and it was actually designed by Michael Najjar, a German photographer who was trained as an astronaut.

Switzerland is as country that is known for its impeccable taste and design when it comes to creating watches, and there is no place where you can experience the best in watch selection than in Lucerne. Lucerne is known as the birthplace of Bucherer, which is the purveyor of many of the country’s most exclusive, high-end watches. This family-run business has some of the most well-known watch brands in the world, such as Cartier, Chopard, and Patek Philippe.

There is also another thing that Switzerland is known for: delicious and indulgent chocolates, and one of the most popular chocolate boutiques, Max Chocolatier, can also be found in Lucerne. They produce small batches of hand-crafted chocolates, made only from the finest natural ingredients, and depending on the season, they also offer limited chocolate delicacies. Each chocolate is a work of art in itself, and they are a great way to end a delicious meal, or even as a nice present for your elite companion.